My Story


This declaration is my “living legacy statement” because I choose to live by this vision every moment of every day.  My purpose in life is to develop wisdom in myself and others.

I am grateful for the clarity and wisdom I have come to achieve in my life, and which continues to expand.

I am grateful for all the people and events which have challenged, inspired and influenced the person I am today, regardless of whether the source of this was“positive” or “negative”.  What I have gained is positive, pure and deeply personal.

I respect and honour the responsibilities I have as a citizen of this planet.

This means I first and foremost attend to my own needs so that I’m healthy, knowledgeable, skilful, resourceful and resilient in order that I may also be of service to others in a great variety of ways.

This is the foundation for my generosity of spirit, something I am known for and which I know is appreciated by others as coming from a place of sincere and heartfelt caring and dedication to all life and the environments we share.

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Such a commitment requires certain additional responsibilities to be honoured, which I have learned along the way and continue to learn and re-learn as necessary.

  • I am driven by my values and beliefs and these influence the choices I make and the actions and behaviours I demonstrate:  Awareness – Integrity – Wisdom – Leadership – Inspire – Act – Give
  • Attending to my own needs is not “selfish”.  It is how I’m able to give to others.
  • I need to check for and seek permission to help others, so that I truly understand what they need, when and how they need it.  Simply giving for my own personal satisfaction is not necessarily appropriate as the focus is more on me than the other person.
  • I assist people in the process of learning how to best support themselves – how to develop their knowledge, skills and behaviours – so that they can fulfil their own needs and then be able to also help others.
  • I teach people how to be wise – how to use their intelligence, experience, connection to others and their creativity – to think more than just about themselves and their short-term goals, but to think and serve on a bigger scale.
  • I provide feedback, in a respectful, caring and calm way, to anyone where it would be wise to do so.  I ask for the same in return.  I do not shy away from having important conversations.  This is how we all learn and improve.
  • I am not afraid of conflict as I am confident in my commitment and skills to be constructive, respectful, professional, supportive, engaging, solution-focused and trustworthy.
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  • My opinions matter.  The opinions of others matter.  I always encourage the sharing of ideas and healthy dialogue.  I don’t have to agree with others, but I sincerely want to know what they believe, how those beliefs were formed and how they influence others’ choices.  This is how I learn about others and what’s important to them and how we connect.
  • I teach all I know to anyone who wants to learn.  My knowledge is not my secret to hold, but my gift to give.
  • I humbly ask others to teach me.  I have capacity and need to learn more.  Then I share what I’ve learned with others, as quickly and as appropriately as possible.
  • When others help me, I pay the kindness forward to others as my way of showing gratitude to my helpers.  And I ask others to pay it forward as their way of demonstrating gratitude to me.
  • I always acknowledge and accept my responsibility, including for the mistakes I make.  I always apologise when it is right for me to do so.
  • I demonstrate “good manners” and ask for the same from others.  This is common sense, although not always that common when I witness the world around me.  This only inspires me more.
  • I am a positive person – I choose to see the good in me, others and situations.  I’m also realistic and practical and learn from the negative examples I observe as well.  I do not live in the past, but celebrate it and learn from it, so that the present and the future can be more fulfilling and meaningful.
  • I am a person of integrity – I role model this to others – I am the change I wish to see in the world.